Policies for Individual (and Group) Contract:
The following terms and conditions must be agreed upon by all persons that are guests at Memories at the Depot.

If you have any questions please check out our FAQ page.

All correspondence regarding Memories at the Depot should be directed to:
Memories at the Depot
Attention: Lisa

Reservations are required to stay at Memories at the Depot.

Rental Premises:
Memories at the Depot
145 Main Street
Woodville, WI 54028

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  • A $50 deposit ($300 for group) is required to reserve your spot at Memories at the Depot for a crafting retreat
  • All balances are due within 30 days of initial deposit, or 2 weeks prior to rental date whichever comes first. If the balance is not received within these deadlines, your reservation may be cancelled and the deposit forfeited.
  • Payments in full cannot be refunded but may be applied to a future retreat date.
  • Cancellations with less than 60 days notice will forfeit your deposit unless a replacement group can be found. If a replacement group is found, your deposit will be applied to a future retreat.
  • Weekends when there is not a host is $129 per person per weekend (Group Reservations are $2193 per weekend) and food will not be provided except for Friday night pizza and continental breakfast for Saturday and Sunday morning. (Meals can be catered for an additional charge - applies to group only)
  • All prices shown are before taxes, local and state tax will be applied to the total of your stay
  • Maximum capacity of the house is 17 people (applies to group only)
  • The person who rents the building on non hosted weekends is considered the host and will be responsible for the building and contents. The Host will ensure terms and conditions guidelines are being followed by guests (applies to group only)
  • Host is responsible for providing a list of all guests: Names, addresses, and phone numbers of all guests is required. (applies to group only)
  • Your reservation is considered a contract that you have read and agreed to, all of the terms and conditions set forth by Memories at the Depot
  • You will receive a confirmation letter or email after final payment has been received, if it becomes necessary for you to cancel your reservation, notify us immediately via email: lisa@memoriesatthedepot.com
    or by phone (715)410-3037.

Memories at the Depot

Terms and conditions:

  • Memories at the Depot expects its guest to treat the property and surroundings at the retreat with respect.
  • Any damage outside normal wear and tear will be the sole responsibility of the renter and guests.
  • No outside guests allowed, unless you have prior permission.
  • No smoking in the building; smokers may use the outside porch as long as they extinguish waste in the designated receptacle. Please do not throw cigarette butts into the yard or surrounding property.
  • No pets allowed.
  • Illegal substances, illegal activities, or unruly behavior are not allowed and are grounds for immediate eviction.
  • Host is responsible for Memories At The Depot supplied equipment. Missing or damaged equipment will cause deposit to be forfeited to replace/repair equipment. If damage exceeds the deposit amount host will be held liable. (applies to group only)
  • Host will be responsible for contacting owner in case of furnace or air conditioning problems as well as appliances in the kitchen malfunctioning. (applies to group only)
  • Host will ensure building is left in good condition and somewhat cleaned up. Please do not leave dirty dishes in the sink-load dishwasher and run it before you leave. If building is left very dirty, cleaning charges will come out of your deposit. (applies to group only)
  • Guests will help maintain the condition of the rooms, ie: pick up trash, put dirty dishes in dishwasher, and in general clean up after themselves.
  • Guest agree to treat tools supplied by Memory at the Depot with respect. Please look through your work area for any tools you may have borrowed and return it to its original spot.

I agree to these terms and conditions and will forfeit my stay without refund if any of these terms and conditions are not met.

Please download Single or Group contracts to sign and return.