Memories at the Depot Specials

February - April

$75 a person plus tax (minumum of 10)

*A $100 deposit will secure your weekend

*A seperate $100 damage deposit is required, and your total amount due is to be paid 2 weeks prior to your retreat date.

Details: $100 deposit- this is a damage/cleaning/store deposit You will receive this back if there is no damage and light housekeeping is done. If you cancel your weekend your deposit will be forfeited, if the weekend cannot be filled. This is a weekend where no food or housekeeping is provided. You will be responsible for light housekeeping. A list of housekeeping details will be provided. Cash and checks only for this awesome deal! If you pay by credit card you will be charged a 5% fee on each transaction.

May - September

$625 plus tax for the entire depot

*Same details apply








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