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Memories at the Depot is a unique Scrapbooking and Craft Retreat house with historical charm located just 45 miles east of St. Paul in Woodville, WI. This charming building was built in 1889 and operated as an old Railroad Depot Hotel. The Woodville railroad museum is located behind the building with old railroad cars that still maintain it’s heritage.

Memories at the depot has more than 4000 square feet. I am sure you will find this gorgeous building spacious, and comfortable to work in. The craft space is located on the main level with plenty of space for each crafter to have their own 5 ft table with comfortable, ergonomic work chairs. There is also a work room complete with die cutting machines, cutters, and different tools to aid you in your work. A small store can help you if you run out of paper or adhesive. If you have something else in mind, it can be ordered for you.

With 6 bedrooms, Memories At The Depot can accommodate up to 17 guests. Each room has a theme to it to truly make you feel as if you have “escaped”. Bedrooms are equipped with 2, 3, or 5 twin Sealy brand beds (there are no bunkbeds). We will make every attempt to honor requests for specific rooms or roommates, but can not be guaranteed.

Memories at the Depot also has a brand new bathroom. For those of you who are more modest, each shower has their own private dressing space. Towels and washcloths will be provided.

The basement is equipped with a full kitchen, dining area, and bar seating for the guests use.

Some weekends will be considered “Hosted Weekends”, where there is a host to take care of you and all your needs and food can be provided at an additional cost. See the hosted weekends page for the specifics. Each weekend will start Friday at 3pm and end on Sunday at 3 pm. Included in your cost is a Friday meal of pizza and salad, and continental breakfast on Saturday and Sunday morning. If you choose not to cater your weekend you may use the kitchen to prepare any meals, or visit some of the local
establishments. See the Local Attractions page for some choices.

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